Intense Pulsed Light

IPL Treatment

Pulsar Intense Pulsed Light System

Pulsar is the world leading system in IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), clinically proven to
offer you more effective, virtually pain-free, quicker and longer lasting results.

Pulsar Intense Pulsed Light is not a laser. Pulsar uses a novel pulse system (termed APL – accumulative pulsed light) that delivers controlled energy to the skin.

The light beam passes through removable filters that further modify the pulses according to the desired application results.

Pulsar Intense Pulsed Light effectively and painlessly removes

  • hair
  • thread veins
  • spider naevi (spider veins)
  • rosacea
  • pigmented lesions
  • birth marks
  • stretch marks
  • solar lentigines

The Pulsar Intense Pulsed Light application is preceded with a consultation to determine whether IPL Pulsar is an appropriate treatment for you.

Starts from £40 per session