FTC PDO Thread Lift Procedure

FTC PDO Thread Lift Therapy offers a subtle and natural looking face lift result.

Recently shown on The Only Way is Essex, FTC Thread Lift Therapy is a quick, minimally invasive option for those people where gravity has started to take hold of their face and the skin has started to sag; but who as yet are not good candidates for a surgical facelift, which removes large areas of excessive skin, fat and tissue.
Using a needle and either barbed or smooth sutures FTC therapy instantly lifts sagging tissue and induces blood circulation whilst stimulating collagen tighten and lift the skin on your cheeks, brows, jaw line, neck and upper arms, without the need to cut your skin.

This procedure does not produce changes as drastic as the traditional facelift and is not permanent, lasting a few years; therefore, it is best suited to younger patients (generally 30 to 50 years old) who require only moderate facial rejuvenation.