Testimonials from Our Clients

“Hi Heather, I would just like to say Thank you so much for what you did for me, you have boosted my confidence so much, I love looking at my lips now and how different I feel when speaking to people. I know I travel a long way to you but I wouldn’t trust anyone else, Thank you, Thank you!”  Mareena

I am a male who keeps very active. On average I go to they gym four times per week but I was very conscious with the areas on my sides that I could never lose with exercise. I thought that I would give 3D lipo a go to try and get rid of this area of fat.

I started an 8 week programme of the Cavitation and skin tightening treatments on my flanks and abdomen, after only a few treatments I started to see a difference and after all 8 I am very happy with the results. Even now a couple of months later I am still noticing what a difference it has made. My whole abdomen is a lot more defined. I would definitely recommend this treatment to anyone, it is painless and a lot more relaxing than I was expecting! In total I have lost 4 inches which is incredible as I was not expecting any loss, just a difference in my shape. Overall I am extremely pleased and wouldn’t think twice about having it again.”  Pervez

”On trying 4 sessions of the chemical peel, at the Heather Irvine Skin & Body
Clinic, carried out by professional but very friendly staff, I have found my skin
looks brighter and feels so much smoother than before. Overall my complexion
looks fresher. I would recommend this treatment, It has given me the confidence
boost I needed, so thank you.” Julie

“I am a slim, active mother of two and since the birth of my second child several years ago, I have had a bit of a wobbly tummy patch and dimpled texture skin like cellulite on my abdomen area. But no matter how much exercise I did I could not improve the area concerned. When I first heard about the 3D lipo machine I was very sceptical but I decided to go ahead on the recommendations of the clinic and after reading some of the great reviews from celebrities and also ordinary women like myself who have used 3D lipo, I started an 8 week programme.

After 4 consecutive weeks I started to see an improvement in my skin texture and tone. This was only half way through my course so I was feeling positive for the end results. I enjoyed the treatments and didn’t expect them to be as pleasant and comfortable as they were. As I didn’t have much weight to lose, the difference in measurements was only minor, however the visual results were fantastic. Before and after pictures were taken and I was absolutely amazed at the difference between the two. I now want to have maintenance treatments to further improve my results. I couldn’t be more pleased and would definitely recommend Heather Irvine’s clinic  for this treatment. Not only was it successful but the staff were so pleasant and friendly.”  Wendy

“I have been a client of Heather’s for over 6 years.  I am truly grateful for the amazing results her treatments have achieved during this time with her expert use of Botox and fillers.  A real confidence booster! Heather always ensures that I thoroughly understand what each procedure entails and never once have I ever been put under pressure to have treatments.  She always listens and answers any concerns. I believe that Heather is the best in the business. Her skill, patience and expertise are first class, not only for treatments but her aftercare as well. I cannot praise and thank her enough.  Heather and her team provide the most professional and personal care in a discrete setting and I look forward to many more years of keeping away those advancing years! ” Helen

Initially I was quite sceptical about having a chemical peel as I heard so many mixed reviews, but after suffering from pigmentation, open pores and sensitive skin that is prone to breakouts, I decided to go ahead. I have had four peels in total and I have to say that I loved this treatment. From the first peel I noticed an immediate improvement in my skin. Overall I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone suffering from the same problems. My pigmentation is as good as gone! My complexion has improved considerably and I will definitely be having more treatments in the future.”  Sarah

“After suffering both physical and psychological problems and stress for two and a half years following an unsuccessful facelift, the eminent Consultant who took over my case recommended that I consult Heather when I was physically and mentally ready, in order that cosmetic correction could be started. After a very traumatic litigation case I eventually felt ready to contact Heather and go ahead with any treatment.

My first session was purely a consultation.  Heather listened sympathetically to me and took an extensive history from me, which was reassuring in itself that she wasn’t going to miss anything which may result in more problems. After this, we discussed in depth the treatment she recommended and took great pains to explain everything to me, including the possible side effects and not just the expected results, so that I would be completely informed in order to make proper decisions. Heather does not perform procedures at that first consultation and I was able to go away for a week and think about things before having any treatment.  This was invaluable to me as didn’t feel rushed or pushed into anything and I then knew that I really wanted to go ahead.

At the first treatment I was very nervous in view of what had happened to me in the recent past.  I was made to feel extremely welcome and put at ease from the moment I arrived by friendly and professional staff.  Heather & I talked through things again before going ahead.  The procedure went really well, and at no time was I pushed into having more product than I actually needed. Heather was lovely and so very
reassuring.   I was able to view results as she performed the procedures and discussed things and made decisions as we went along.  After the session I was so
pleased and happy with the result and in no way worried.  After-care instructions were made very clear.
I had no problems and I returned two weeks later for my second session
and this went just as well and the results were excellent, complimenting what
Heather had done the first time. She was absolutely right.
We discussed the next stages should I want to, and I’ve made another appointment for a month as Heather did not want to do too much too soon.

I cannot express enough how much better I feel in myself and my self-esteem
and confidence is over the moon! As the results settled things looked even
After feeling so bad for so long, Heather helped me so much in her extremely skilled way and with her professionalism and lovely personality. Her skill and experience in her field is second to none.

I would put myself in her hands at any time and intend to continue treatment with her; she has made me feel a different person as this was not simply a cosmetic reason to go to her, but the result of an extremely traumatising experience. Thank you!”  Carolyn

Heather is highly recommended and a true professional who deals with issues in a kind and professional manner. She is honest and caring with particular attention to detail and has changed my life!  I had heard about Heather and was determined to find out where she worked.  I was not only impressed by her image but her loving caring attitude which immediately puts you at ease.  She will only do what she thinks is the correct thing for you.  I have total confidence in her advice and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone, as she treats everyone as an individual and will not suggest anything that is not suitable for you. Heather is a treasure and should be in everyone’s life!” WS

 “After having four children and an office based job, my legs have taken a lot of wear and tear over the years.  I plucked up the courage to visit Heather for an initial assessment of my thread veins.  I had particularly two dominant areas on both legs which I have always been conscious about, especially wearing shorts and bikinis. Even when tanned I could still see them… looking at me!  Heather was very considerate and understanding, she gave me all the information I needed about Microsclerotherapy and explained the treatment package and what it would all entail.  Heather started treatment within a couple of weeks of the first assessment and I haven’t looked back since.  The results are excellent, the thread vein clusters have gone completely, it didn’t hurt and I wasn’t in any discomfort before, during or after the treatment.  I wish I would have booked into see her 10 years ago, I can’t believe I left it so long, horrible spider veins – no more! We are going away on holiday and I can’t wait to show off my clear legs, I have bought numerous pairs of shorts and plan to wear them all! 

Thank you so much for all your support and clinical expertise Heather.  I would recommend Heather Irvine’s Skin and Body Clinic to anyone wanting to erase their imperfections in a heartbeat.”  Claire H